Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - The (Almost But Not Quite) End Part 2

OK, so I've abandoned trying to ink everything because I'm lazy and tired, and my head feels like it's about to melt. Clearly this has been a learning experience for everyone involved. I'm going to try and put in all the words to the cut down comic I've ended up with (42 as opposed to 48 pages long, sad-face) and try and put the whole thing up in horrifying PDF format either tomorrow or on Thursday.

Since I haven't really talked about what I've been doing all that much, I feel I should mention that the story has not only changed fairly drastically from what I originally planned and put on up at the beginning of the month, it's as I mentioned above, shorter as well. I guess it's good to know that I tried this, but that next time (!) I should probably organise myself a lot better. And lock all of my video game away for the whole month.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - The (Almost But Not Quite) End

So I've only got 4 more pages to draw, then I only have 40 to ink and put words into, oh joy. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun, that or it will be a special kind of hell, normally reserved for people who talk in theatres, or people who don't plan properly. In any case, almost done, and then I can get back to Playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Before I do anything though, of to the Australian Army Reserves information night, I hope they give me free food (My service is easily bought)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - 1st 4 Pages

OK, so here are the "finished" 1st four pages, I meant to get the first 10 done, and manage to draw up pages 11 to 14, but yeah, not gonna happen. Obviously I need more energy drink. Or maybe I should get addicted to coffee? Experiments must be carried out.

In any event, I can't seem to upload the images now because Blogger hates me; or something, and I'm too tired to try and continue doing this, so images up tomorrow, to be followed by more hopefully! EDIT: OK so it looks like pages 1 & 2 go up fine, but 3 & 4 are not allowed onto Blogger. Too awesome you see (Or, more likely, I'm doing something wrong) In any event here are the first two pages, all pretty-fied. Horrifying, isn't it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - Update 2

So, I don't actually have anything to show today, 'cause my plans were messed up events beyond my control. What I had hoped to put were the 'finished' pages 1-10. Basically done over in Photoshop so the lines were more visible, and cleaned up, with the dialogue and captions on the pages. Of course since I didn't manage this, I'll have to do all 10 pages tomorrow, as well as the next 4 pages, as my plan to get the comic finished by the end of the month means I need to 4 pages a day, in full, which will be "interesting". In any event, hopefully I won't get too distracted as I try to finish this (I probably will, I blame Ian McDonald this time, and the internet; basically everyone except myself)

Oh well, to bed, so I'm ready for board paddling in the morning.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - Interim

OK, so I haven't actually updated my progress in NaNoGraphicMo in a while, which is why, sometime tomorrow (Monday the 15th November) I'll put up an actual progress post, with pictures and everything! It'll be exciting! Except where it isn't, but anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'll be just as surprised as you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - Update

Step 1. Finish panel outlines for all the pages up to 22 (I'm currently up to page 15)
Step 2. Fill in all the panels with horrible, horrible drawings (I'm only up to page 7)
Step 3. Profit? (Madness, actually)

I'm beginning to wonder whether NaNoWriMo would have been easier, then I smack myself and get back to trying to finish my script. (Which has changed since my post on what it would be)

Friday, November 5, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - WIP

Well here are the first two pages for my graphic novel attempt, there's no dialogue or captions yet, something I think I'll work on when I actually manage to get some more pages done.
My problem is that I apparently can't draw a straight line, even with a ruler, they somehow end up slanting, which may even be visible here, but anyway. I'm also considering going over the lines in Photoshop to make them stand out, we'll see.Also, I'm aware that the people's faces look horrifying and freaky, I'm going to work on it, somehow. (The result will probably be just as ugly, but in a different way)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoGraphicMo - The Reckoning

Well, not quite.

So, just four days into this, and I'm already feeling depressed, you know: my drawings are crap, can I even do 48 pages of script, let alone actualy pictures that look reasonable, should I just drop it all now, and crawl into a corner until uni starts again; you know the usual.

Which is why I'm going to take a day or two off, relax, try and finish the mad story plan and get it down on paper, (or onto a computer screen) and then get back to drawing. Hopefully I can start practicing drawing faces as well, as opposed to practicing my video game 'skillz' which aren't nearly as useful as I'd like them to be (unless the Australian Army gets a whole lot of drones, that need pilots, I might join up for that!)

So yeah, rest time, I think tomorrow Ill just throw up my (very) rough drawings I've done so far.