Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Thoughts- 20/03/2011

In no particular order of importance:
  • Uni is still hectic, but you knew this already.
  • New South Wales state election in one week, I'll be working for the Electoral Commission again, hope it's as much fun as last time.
  • Fuck that's a lot of uni work that needs to be done, I should probably organise myself better hm? Or I could stop complaining and do it, though I have made advances on two difficult fronts: shot footage for my video class, and started (and stayed) working on my photoshop image for Digital Composite (It's image manipulation, why can't they just bloody well call it that?) So in fact I'm moving ahead, the problem is, neither is very good, oh dear...
  • Dragon Age posts (all three of them!) should be up at various points tomorrow evening or morning depending on what happens, I hope...
  • Apparently someone wanted to redesign Paris, the possibilities range from the interesting to the why bother, but they look pretty nice. Warning: French involved.
  • Over on The Angry Black Woman, I found myself linked towards some interesting places, namely Take That's "Kidz":


  • Then this post about a German Sci-Fi film called "Transfer", which seems on the surface to be timely and interesting, with a look at what certain technologies might mean and a neat comparison to current day issues. In other words pretty good social science fiction, but of course it could be complete and utter exploitative tripe, wish it would come out here so I could see, so much more fun than just passing judgement from afar (though that's fun as well), incidentally, the trailer:


Gah, now I need to either, sleep or work, of course if I sleep now and get up early, I can work then, which amuses me and fills me with joy...OK it doesn't but I'd feel better about than just working for anothe rhour now, that bloody photoshop image is burned into my brain and needs to be expelled through fevered dreams about conquering reality...wait, did I type that?
Off to bed then.

(Editing the HTML to get these videos to fit in my column is annoying, clearly something must be done, but not now...)

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