Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Thoughts - 17/07/2011

Thinking is hard: thoughts will come on Monday instead!

So, the thinking is done, here come the various thoughts, this time, in bullet-point form! Don't I don't spoil you!

There's not actually much to think about: I've got various posts scheduled to appear, the first two that are actually written and scheduled, are reviews; one of Dragon Age: Origins, and the other of A Dance with Dragons. Now I just need to write the other stuff I have planned and post that. Like I should have done before I said I have various posts scheduled.

Here's a hint: I'll be talking about Fallout: New Vegas for sure.

I should also see about making slightly better links between the various Dragon Age pages I've set up. Fuck.

Uni starts again on Wednesday. This along with my current (temporary) job is going to be a test. I can keep photography up, but out-of-class modelling, drawing and writing may be slightly tougher. We'll see, hopefully I can get a blog schedule that I can actually keep to, then add in a drawing and photography schedule, then a writing schedule. This makes too much sense, it's bound to fail.

Jimi Hendrix, ladies and gentlemen.

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