Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Thoughts - 29/08/2011

And...I'm back.

But not for long I imagine.

There's all-sorts of things that I'd kind-of-maybe like to talk about. I've finished the first part of my second semester for one thing and I have a few projects to show for it, but nothing that I want to yet.

My first post after almost a month and I'm back to my old habit of putting things off? Fuck yeah.

I suppose the fact that I did eventually get round to writing this post is a good sign, or at least I'll pretend that it's one, so humour me as I dredge up old internet links that I think will amuse you...Like this!

Why yes, I am a fan of SMBC.

Then there's the work these guys are doing:

You know what's cool? Apart from cyberpunk Paris? Knowing the places in those images. I dream of a game where I can wander through a virtual Paris and recognise the streets and landmarks, before I get into a giant-mecha-robot fight.

Don't you judge me.

And on the giant-mecha note; more Hawken:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Thoughts - 01/08/2011

Let's start of with something beautiful and great:

The only other thought I have is that at the moment, I really need to get off of playing Fallout: New Vegas, or my university assessments are going to go to hell...

I can't think of anything else...shit.