Sketches and Drawing Practice

This is pretty much exactly what the title says: A place for me to post drawings and sketchs that I'm working on. There may be a a sort of 'finished' page at some point. If I actually finish anything. Really this is just a place to stop the main blog from being clogged up with pictures of faces - since that'll be my main focus. If you were to take a look at some of my NaNoGraphicMo posts (for whatever insane reason) you'd realise exactly why I need to practice drawing faces so much. Other drawings should go up as well, plans and sketches for 3D models I want to do, or other stuff I wind up doing.

As if to prove that I don't know how to keep my (written) word, here's some pictures of faces when I meant to do hands or other parts of the human body.

They work though, and I'm getting the hang of my weaknesses I think. Ears are still a problem, especially a lack of them in the bottom left hand face (the hair shouldn't cover it, there's not enough) but the main thing here appears to be my lack of proportion, or at least poor placement of all the features in relation to one another, especially the size of the nose in relation to the eyes. And I can't seem to give the faces any depth. I hate shadows that way.

Hopefully more useful stuff later.


Not even a sketch, just some rough ideas I have for a bigger image I could work on. By this point it should be clear I haven't even managed to do the anatomy drawings I've been meaning to do. For me I need a bit of focus, so these poses are the first step (I'm stealing the general feel from this image, though it's not really a very original pose and I'm sure there are others like it around) .
I'm aiming to get the poses done by tomorrow and move onto anatomy of the different parts of the body. Since I'm aiming for a silhouette, there's probably not all that much, though I do want good hands. The work will probably be in the armour and weapon details, which will be a pain.  But it's a bit of a better plan.

So hands and arms and legs tomorrow, as well as better pose work and rough blocking in of back and head. 


Mr Angry wants to stab you with a screwdriver. That looks like a stick.
In my defense, I think that's some pretty good emotion showing there, at least for me. I consider any sort of facial movement 'emotion'. The cheek 'crinkle' is a bit extreme though, which makes it weird and disturbing, but I like the hair and eyebrows.

 Slightly calmer, though the nose either comes too far out, or the nose-guard doesn't go far enough.
The thing I realise with eyes, is that you need to have an eyebrow, followed by the actual brow, casting shadow onto the eye. I think I'm getting the hang of it, but not so much, that's one of the things I want to practice more of, and eyes in general.

Ridiculously bad landscape sketches. These are just ideas really, the problem is they're ideas that involve nature and drawing lots of organic, random objects. Might try and develop them alongside some nice straight buildings that clutter a skyline.

We'll see.


So here are some quick faces. Very quick as the second page will attest. I'm getting happier with the results of the head shapes - something that I'm probably misreading from a post that Aaron Diaz wrote about how you should be able to tell characters apart by their face and the shape of their head, and not their hairstyle.

Yeah, not much to say. I really should spend more time reading Figure Drawing for Dummies I think. More time spent on faces, can I think yield good results. Especially since all my characters seem dead, with no muscles to speak of in their faces.

Those last faces were drawn especially fast. Must do better.